Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--We Are Selling a Lot of Ornaments But Still Have Plenty of Nice Ones.

It's getting a little late in the game to bring in new product for Christmas. At this point, you have to hope for the best. We just got in a new order of boxed everyday and thank you cards, plus bookmarks, journals, and scratch and sketch books from Peter Pauper, and we have another assortment of stationery, including diaries, from Galison. Galison is folding into Chronicle on January 1, so this was our last order with our longtime Galison reps. We'll miss the practically overnight shipping, as they used a Wisconsin warehouse.

Regarding Christmas themed stuff, there's nothing to do but hope we got the numbers right. We've consolidated the boxed Christmas cards to a smaller table near the front door, and we think we have most of the ornaments on the floor--at this point, we're hoping not to have any overstock. We've sold out of a lot of cards and are nearing the end of some of our ornaments too. I think we're down to one rag elephant from, and one wooden and wool sheep. Last year we sold out of resin pheasants quickly, so we increased our order. Several other felt items, such as birds, Santas, and trees, are reorders from last year.

I tend to not buy too many fragile items, as the store is big and tables are left untended. I think we've had one of every mercury glass ornament break already. And sadly, there are careless folks who roam the stores. No wonder other retailers have "don't touch" and "you break it, you buy it" signs around. I'm not much for those kind of things, but sometimes I am tempted. I'm not ratting anyone today, however.

In short, folks have been loving the ornaments.

The last few days have been very bustly. Today we had the St. Robert students doing readings and tomorrow is the Maryland Avenue Montessori pajama party. I'll be selling books at the Local First market at Lakefront Brewery from 12-4 pm. I had planned to pack all my boxes last night, but by the end of the evening, I was just too tired. It all seems doable tomorrow morning, right?

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