Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boxed Card Frenzy, Gift Wrappers from East Side Senior Services, The Mysterious Maxed Out Max Book.

Where did all our boxed holiday cards go? Last year we had enough to have an okay selection all the way through the holiday. This year the pickings are slim. On the other hand, last year we pretty much ran out of loose cards and I started breaking down boxes to offer an assortment. This year our loose (which I admittedly increased more than the boxed) cards look pretty full a week before Christmas. Sometimes you just can't predict!

We've had several different nonprofits come in to gift wrap, but the East Side Senior Services team asked to take most of the shifts leading up to Christmas. Last year they were a little short of ribbon, so I made sure we were in better shape with an extra role each of red and green. And the Hanukkah paper finally was retired for our last roll of Christmas wrap, a kraft paper with assorted birds, some wearing stocking caps. I had actually brought in some birds wearing stocking caps, but we've been out of them for several days.

The strangest thing that happened today is that one of our booksellers found a copy of Every Love Story is a Ghost Story, by D. T. Max. I know there are David Foster Wallace obsessives out there but this is awfully strange. The entire book is marked up in pencil. It still has our price label on it. Was this a copy that a customer bought, marked up, brought back to the store, and left behind, or was somebody actually marking up an unsold book. We just can't tell. Certainly if I saw somebody writing in a book that looked unsold I would have said something, but I hadn't seen anything. So strange! It seems appropriate that someone would like a copy of this book with a lot of underlining, plus signs, and stars. If so, please order it and you can buy it from us.

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