Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Year-End Visit to an Electronics Recycling Center. Isn't This on Your to-do List?

Just about since we've opened, we've been storing away all kinds of electronic and computer equipment in our receiving room, in our office, and in our storage area. It's hard to believe that this isn't everything--about two years ago, Jocelyn and I bought a carload of stuff to a recycling place in Wauwatosa. But apparently we either didn't take everything or amassed way more. Lots of old terminals. Receipt printers that no longer connect to our new system. Phone modems that were replaced when we converted to internet. A copier/printer that died. All kinds of monitors and about a dozen keyboards.

And wire, so much wire!

I woke up this morning to watch a piece on Fox 6 News about e-cycling, and after some time browsing the web, I found a place in Oak Creek that would take everything. Miller Electonics Recycling is located just off I94, east of Blain's Farm and Fleet and northwest of Woodman's. It turned out to be a much easier process than last time, when we had to park pretty far away and load it up on carts. This time I pulled right in and the fellow working the desk even helped me unload.

While I understand why we wound up with so much electronics and computer equipment after our inventory system migrated, I'm confused as to how exactly we wound up with so many cash drawers. We wound up keeping four and getting rid of three others, including this particularly rusty model. We still have two huge drawer devices that wouldn't fit in the car.
There were some fees for some items, but I feel great having avoid at least some landfill with all this stuff, and with the rest, at least I know the risk of contamination is lessened. Between this and our project with Handy Jeff to repurpose our old fixtures into new ones, I'm feeling positively green.

As for those two huge cash drawer things, I'm thinking 2015.

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