Friday, December 14, 2012

Aaron Boyd's Art Show at the Charles Allis Art Museum.

From now until January 27, 2013, the Charles Allis Art Museum is showcasing the work of Aaron Boyd, whom I have nicknamed The Duke of Downer until Aaron tells me to stop saying that. "Wisconsin's Own: Aaron Boyd" features watercolors and other artwork that has been used in over 20 books, numerous children's magazine covers, one ebook to come  co-written by a Boswellian (with an ex-Boswellian), and the illustration that was used to make our holiday bag (at right).

Here's his artist's statement:

"Since the age of five I have always been moved by the visual story. I will often read a book through its images dozens of times before reading the physical story itself. When I create my artwork, the medium I choose to speak through is watercolor. Timeless, colorful and often unpredictable, watercolor represents the medium most of us started with and in such I find relates extremely well to children's books. It also speaks to my love of contrast and pattern which is a consistent trait in most of my work.

"However, the longer I illustrate children's books, the medium I've come to appreciate and respect most is the medium of 'experiences' itself. A story my grandfather told me or a trip to Munich or Kingston gives more color to my art than any paint can. In every book I do, a pet, friend or place traveled finds its way into my work. Large events or small, they all come back to enrich one's life and art.

"One's medium and style develops and changes over time, but the diversity and experiences of life fuels its direction the most."

The Charles Allis Art Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 1 to 5 pm. Admission is $5, with reduced pricing available to seniors, students, active military, veterans, and children.

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