Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just a Little Post Today--Hannah posts on The Boswellians, Plus a Link to Susan Stambeg's Morning Edition Essay on Bookseller Reads.

I'm very pleased to announce that Hannah has posted her first blog entry for The Boswellians. It's a spotlight on teen reads. Please read it here.

I should also note that the newest edition of Susan Stamberg's periodic bookseller roundup is now online. It aired this morning. I am honored to be part of this; it's great to be able to tout books you are excited about to a larger audience. The other cool thing is that I almost always get back in touch with some old friend or other...and several self-published writers from around the world.

Apologies to folks who noticed that our inventory sticker have been a bit tougher to peel off. Apparently these ultra-removable stickers can hang up the best of companies. We also tried a local company, and ick, it didn't go well either. Well our new vendor (they bought our old supplier) feels like they now have the recipe right, and going forward, we shouldn't have problems.

A lot of pundits always wondered why Borders used labels. We do them because it lists our category where we shelve them. It saves a lot of time over looking up each book, or worse, guessing, making the right or wrong decision.

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