Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three Days, Three Events, Three Photos.

We're in the midst of our three event-wedding-three event run. So far it's been great fun. Sheila Kohler talked about The Bay of Foxes to one group of people and about Becoming Jane Eyre to the Cardinal Strich class. My idea was to have one event in our book club area and the other in the back so that she didn't feel like it was one two-hour event.

Then yesterday was Alexandra Fuller, in conversation with Mitch Teich. We decided to not put them on our coffee table platform. I guess there was the feeling that they might fall off. Since the authors are seated in this format, there were some folks who decided to stand, and an attendee suggested we build a platform. I'll get right on it!

Tonight was Dean Bakopoulos and Patrick Somerville. It's been a lot of fun getting the word out on this one. As one attendee noted, these dual author events can really be a lot of fun, especially in the Q&A. And I'm happy to say we broke the 50-person mark, which is our best  showing to date for either author at Boswell.
Yes, we're back to phone pictures, as I've once again misplaced our camera. Hope for better soon.

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