Wednesday, July 18, 2012

By Popular Demand, Stacie and I Come Up with a Plan to Post Events on Our Website Earlier.

I think the biggest requests we get from customers (and even from some authors) is to post our events earlier somewhere. Though I get a little nervous about events that might still be subject to change, we've certainly had plenty of events cancelled at the last minute due to weather and illness. It's never too late for things to change.

So now we're trying to show our events earlier. Stacie wrote the code, and we're trying to copy and paste, then substitute the relevant data. I've made it a part of our event confirmation ritual. Today we finally confirmed our Libba Bray event at the Milwakuee Public Library on October 4 (we're looking for folks to help us brainstorm to put together a twenties-era ambience for The Diviners) and Michael Ennis on September 17 (Jason and Conrad both love The Malice of Fortune, a Eco-esque literary thriller about Machiavelli).

And of course tomorrow, we'll have to move one of them. But that's part of the game, so just confirm closer to the event. But now you have more time to mark your calendars. So here's the link.

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