Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--The Return of Owls.

When I am putting together gift displays, I try not to repeat myself, but it turns out that trends move slower than I expected. For every breath of octopus freshness, there's sock monkey redux.

And so it started with owls when Benjamin offered a leather owl bank. And then we started buying Kikkerland, and I fell in love with their owl corkscrew. And the luggage tags were working pretty well (one of the more popular items on the rubber duck table) so I had to try the owls of that too.

So this gave us the opportunity to flip some display tables around. Anne said that she no sooner finished setting the owl table than someone came and bought three items off it. And what makes me the most happy is that we once again have a logical place to display Sam and the Firefly.

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Anonymous said...

I do love Sam and the Firefly and read it each school year to students in the library. Did you add the book Owl Babies by Waddell to your owl table?