Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whose Lovely Paintings are Those on Our Art Wall?

In 2010, Kirk and I visited Arkansas for the first time, stopping (the link is to the original blog post) at Little Rock and Hot Springs. At Hot Springs, we went the really interesting Mountain Valley Spring Water visitors center. The storefront was a museum of bottled water in the Springs. We not only brought back some water, but some, as they call it in the industry, vintage non-water. I think we had drinking glasses, postcards, and a tee shirt.

On exhibit at the center was the Hot Springs Village art show. I was drawn to one particular painter, whose work was decorated with several ribbons.

"Oh, those are my paintings," said Kirk's mom, Joyce Weaver, long-time Milwaukeean who traded in snowstorms for generally milder weather (except for this year), punctuated by occasional ice sheets.*

Weaver works in various mediums, with her work ranging from animal portraits (her most steady commission) to a Frankenthaler-esque modern work that I particularly love; after the show, it will be hanging at home.

The paintings we didn't buy are for sale. Inquire at the front desk for details.


Speaking of art and local artists, my last big purchase was from Hal Koenig, a giant industrial canvas whose majestic decay is matched by a beautiful handmade frame. It's such a large piece that we were afraid to hang it from our wall; it's been leaning against it for the last two years. Major art purchases should come with installation, just like carpet.

Hal's up for the next artist in residence at the Pfister.  If you like him, show it on their website.

*Actually the story is slightly fictionalized, like a good biographical novel. I actually knew which paintings were Weaver's.

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