Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--Define Spring.

Of course we know that spring is not for another month, but it seems to me that sometime towards the end of February, it's time to take away the winter reading table and start contemplating birds and flowers again.

In Milwaukee, spring isn't when it stops snowing. It's when the snow melts more quickly. And let's just say that we've had a very mild winter. I was looking at last February's sales and we had two pretty miserable days last year. Because the storm was mostly overnight, this week's storm was mostly cleaned up by mid-day, and we had solid afternoon to early evening traffic.

For this year's migration celebration, we brought in more resin birds (yes, yet another assortment), some tin bird houses, bird mugs, and of course our Peruvian (yes, made in Peru) water whistles. Everything is under ten dollars. Folkmanis has a new robin finger puppet that seems aching for the vernal equinox. And more to come later, of course.

So I say, start thinking about the return of birds now. Jason already stocked up on his Adventure Publiciation bird guides.

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