Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--New Book Jacket Tee Shirts, Journals, and Coasters

As I think I mentioned previously, I didn't think I'd get our Penguin Classics mugs seven months after they were ordered, but they were certainly welcome. Coincidentally I was in the process of restocking our Out of Print tee selection, and since they had an incentive special, we went a little deeper into the line, bringing in Lolita, The Bell Jar, Ulysses, and A Clockwork Orange. Inadvertently, I also brought in a few of their alternative design for The Great Gatsby--that was just a question of marking the wrong line for reorder.

Because there are so many sizes, we generally don't buy more than two of any sku, and often just one. But what I didn't count on was that the Boswellians would immediately pick off several I bought in singles. If our customers react as warmly to the new selection as our booksellers, we should be reordering soon.

My only beef is that the v-neck tees are a bit inconsistent. Some have a very deep v while others are more modest.

In addition to the tees (and did I mention their Books for Africa program, where a book is donated for each tee sold?), we also brought in a selection of their journals, their coaster set, and an assortment of blank greeting cards.

So this ties in well to our new moderns-from-classics display, which we've had a lot of fun putting together. But that's for another post.

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