Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--Finally There are New Arrivals Without Hearts or Cupcakes.

I didn't think I'd timed it that well, but it turned out that within a day of our inventory, about five gift orders arrived. This stuff tends to be very difficult to count, and it is really nice to be at a low point, not just because of the time involved, but because your payment is tied to the dollar total.

So over the next few weeks (months, really, since I stage the shipments), we'll be having new things in the store.

The first thing I received was a new shipment of reading glasses. Half-empty spinners particularly infuriate me. When I go in other retailers, I want to go up to one of the folks working there and inquire whether they have a basket or some other shelving that will accomodate the product better until the new arrivals show up. Actually, I don't mind if they are just waiting for a shipment--it's when you're pretty clear they aren't restocking; then the items should either be re-merchandised or marked down, don't you think?

And yet I am constantly guilty of my own accusations. But now we've restocked the Madison and brought in the floral San Remo. From this line, 20/20 Vision, $1 from each pair of glasses bought at Boswell goes to the ABFFE (American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression) fund.

Up next was a toy shipment. Out immediately were some three-dimensional wooden puzzles for the puzzle table (and the restocked jigsaw puzzles should also be out this weekend) and the Flexi Folk  animals that are like mini version of our popular bendy robots.

But I think my favorite item (and probably the item for which I finally opened this vendor account and placed the order) is the gymnatics monkey. It's another childhood favorite where you press the bars together and thorugh a stringed connection, the monkey does front and back flips over a bar.

There's a lot more to come. Hope I didn't over order!

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