Friday, February 24, 2012

The Traditional Short Friday Post--A New Shipment of Plastic Bags Means a New Color.

Snow overnight meant that my morning was spent shoveling, though with the warm afternoon weather, I think a decent amount melted by now. I got to work for my closing Friday shift after my traditional bowl of chicken tikka masala soup at The Soup House (on Milwaukee and Michigan) and a lingonberry cupcake from the Milwaukee Cupcake Company on Milwaukee Street in the Third Ward.

We finally got some more Little Thinkers to fill up our case--it was looking mighty thin there for a bit. They are still out of stock on a number of our mainstays, but at least Virginia Woolf, Queen Elizabeth, Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakepeare are keeping company with our other regulars.

The big news, however, was that our new shipments of plastic Boswell bags came in. If you haven't been following the blog, we like to change the color with each shipment. The new bag is Pantone #548, which our color matcher called deep Arctic blue, but I find akin to a dark wash denim.

I'm glad they arrived. We ran out of our orange bags and were halfway through my emergency stash of plain white bags.

Oh, and I also updated my reading log on the blog. I hadn't done so for several months. So many details!

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