Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Olive Organic Opens, Plus Gardening Stuff

It's rather exciting when we get a new neighbor on the block, so you can imagine my glee when Olive Fine Organic Living opened at 2624 North Downer Avenue, next to Paperwork and Cafe Hollander.  Mickey and Dave moved the store from the Pavillions in Mequon; I'd heard wonderful things about the store from customers who shopped their previous location.

The store is mostly open 10 am to 6:30 pm, a little longer on Saturdays, and a bit shorter on Sundays.  They carry clothing, baby stuff, home goods and linens.  It's really beautiful, and I highly recommend stopping by and saying hi to Mickey and Dave (pictured).  I myself am saving up for a sheet set.

It seems like a decent transition to highlight our larger gardening display in the store.  The books are coming out now, and we've got a few cute acccessories.  My favorite are these animal garden stakes, which are $4.50 each.  We've also got some watering can mugs.  Alas, no seeds or mulch yet--for that, visit our friends up the street at the Downer True Value (I'm waiting for their website--I'm tired of linking to their delcious dirt ratings on Yelp, but on the other hand, I admire a true Luddite in this day and age*), or perhaps the lovely folks at the Garden Room in Shorewood.

One more piece of gardening business.  Amy Stewart of Wicked Plants fame is appearing at the Boerner Botanical Gardens for her new book, Wicked Bugs.  Alas, we're not selling it there (they have their own gift shop--we are of course carrying the book) but we're excited about it anyway.  Her event is Tuesday, April 26, at 6 pm.  The event is $20, $25 for non-members.  Since there is an admission fee, I would think the Boerner would be okay with you buying the book from us, but I could be wrong! More on this website.

*Ah, Luddite.  What memories!

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