Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Marbles, Jacks, Froggy Ring Toss, Alligator Dust Pans and Brushes

Today's event with Nicholas Hartlep was very nice.  OCA-WI co-sponsored the event, and after the official talk, there was a group discussion.  I spent my time talking to Celine, who catered the event, talking about restaurants.  I got very hungry by the end of the conversation, and really wanted to have dim sum at Peony on Bluemound Road.

The rest of the day was spent putting together our outdoor fun table. It's a mix of things from various vendors, though you'll recognize a lot of Melissa and Doug.  I'm quite fond of the marble-shaped tin of marbles from House of Marble. 

My favorite though, has got to be the alligator dust bin.  We were all oohing and ahhing.  His handle is a branch, his teeth are the brushes, and the dust pan is a pond, complete with turtles.  There's also a butterfly dust bin and brush.  In that case, the pan is the wings.  We decided a three-year-old girl would prefer this option, but what does she know?

Tomorrow I promised cake in one of our handouts for our two-year anniversary, but I thought I crossed this off our schedule.  To clarify, I did not.  Let's see what I can put together at the last minute!

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