Monday, November 9, 2009

What's Going on This Week at Boswell?

Here's what's going on in the store this week. We're pretty busy!

Monday, November 9th (tonight!), 7 PM.
Joe Dungan, discussing his book L. A. Nuts. We use the Ingram web site so the link will indicate the book is not available. It will work to order the book if you pick it up in store. Yes, we still have work to do on our web site.

Whether you love or hate L. A., Joe's columns might make you chortle. Here's Joe's web site.

Tuesday, November 10th, 7 PM.
The A.V. Club, with their new collection Inventory.

I can't print Joel McHale's recommendation because it's too cussy, but here's what David Cross had to say:

"In a culture that worships the disposable, lazy lists obligatorily put together by self-serving editorial staffs at the likes of Barely Information Magazine, The A.V. Club has decided to embrace what it parodies until it meets itself just outside of heaven and shakes its own hand while flipping itself, and you and me, off. Kudos A.V. Club!” – David Cross, of Mr. Show and Arrested Development"

Rescheduled due to a death in the family and a case of the flu (there are several folks involved in this), here's a link to their link to us!

Wednesday, November 11th, 7 PM.
Bob McGinn, discussing The Ultimate Super Bowl Book: A Complete Reference to the STATS, Stars, and Stories Behind Football's Biggest Game-And Why the Best Team Won.

This is the perfect book for the sports-obessed, detail obsessed, numbers-obsessed kind of person. McGinn writes for the Journal Sentinel, but out of Green Bay, so even his coworkers hardly see him. Why not visit him this Wednesday?

Here's the Journal Sentinel Packers page. You're bound to see some of McGinn's work here, but I believe some of it is available by subscription only.

Thursday, November 12th, 7 PM.
Lorrie Moore, reading from and taking questions about A Gate at the Stairs

1. Get here early.
2. Have us get a book signed for you.
3. Read this fabulous review from the Guardian, who has called Moore the finest short story writer in America today.

Friday, November 13th, 7 PM.
Nona Willis Aronowitz, discussing Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism.

Here's one of their info-blogs about the Girldrive adventure (yes, there are more than one).

I just learned that Aronowitz is a reporter and editor for a hyperlocal Chicago Tribune venture called Triblocal. I have just begun to explore this site, but it seems very "future of journalism."

This event has a shout-out in today's "Flash Forward to the week ahead" section in the Journal Sentinel.


Here's a Journal Sentinel link to today's story on Milwaukee's bookstore wars from Cary Spivak. I thought it was fair. If it makes me sound a little whiny, I am a little whiny. It could be worse. This deserves a whole post and perhaps I'll soon do one.

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