Sunday, November 29, 2009

Roll Call: Bakopoulos, McInerney, Carver, Dregni

These would be Tweets, but I feel bad about abbreviating...

He was once Wisconsin's, but Iowa has him now. Dean Bakopoulos picks his musical faves in The New York Times Paper Cuts blog.
I can't wait to read his new novel, My American Unhappiness, still now in the Ingram database, but sure to show up very soon...I can feel it!
What is in the database from Dean? A novel called Harmony, with a pub date of September 2009 and one copy on order. I think this might be an old incarnation of MAU.


Booksellers recently got a note from Jay McInerney about the 25th anniversary edition of Vintage Contemporaries and Bright Lights, Bit City, the breakout book from the launch that brought "second person" to the masses.
Since one of Raymond Carver's collections was also among the launch titles, it of course comes up in Carol Sklenicka's new biography (Thursday, 7 PM). Do you know how acquiring editor Gary Fisketjon come across McInerney's work?


I'm finally breaking down and buying the store a projection screen. We had one at one point at Schwartz, but alas, it disappeared. We'll need it for Friday, when Eric Dregni shows slides of his Italian adventure for Never Trust a Thin Cook. I can't remember how we handled his Norwegian slides for In Cod We Trust. I think we made him bring his own.

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