Sunday, November 8, 2009

Try Out Our Freshly Repainted Crosswalks on Your Next Visit

Our construction is pretty much done! Why there is still a no parking anytime sign directly in front of my store is a little beyond me. Maybe a competitor paid the city to place it there. Just in case it was left there in error, I will email someone as soon as this post is done.

There are now bike lanes.

Of late, the crosswalks in Milwaukee haven't been repainted in a lot of areas; just ask , but our new crosswalks are very striking. We have the fresh paint, and the warning sign. Don't you just want to try it out right now?

When you come in, pick up a copy of Traffic. If you haven't read it yet, it's an interesting and often fun survey on the politics, planning, and psychology of driving.

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Anne said...

Sometimes I think posts here are like Where's Waldo -- somewhere in each one, there's a tiny picture of John Eklund. I'm always proud of myself when I find it.