Friday, November 20, 2009

Oops, Missed a Post. Here's a little Catchup--Woman's Club and Bradley Center

Yes, after 6 months or so, I missed a day. Emotionally I can only pretend that nothing happened and shoulder on.
1. Lanora from Next Chapter and I did a presentation at the Woman's Club of Wisconsin. This presentation has been done for a number of years by Schwartz folk (not me) and we had big shoes to fill. Lanora presented kids titles and I did the adult ones. You will not be surprised that many of the titles I've written about in our blog and email newsletter were ones I featured, but I also tried to feature titles I thought would be of interest to the group. I made sure to include a mystery, in this case Louise Penny's The Brutal Telling, and a poetry anthology, in this case the beautiful Bright Wings, which we've been featuring on our bird display.

I probably should have featured a couple more cookbooks, and another mystery. One of my more popular titles was Sock Monkey, which was our inspiration for our sock monkey table. I won't mention Lanora's books, as it seems fair for her to use them in her own email newsletter or blog. If you want to attend this presentation (yes, we are already booked for next year), you have to join the Woman's Club of Wisconsin.

2. Stacie and I sold books at the Bruce Springsteen concert. It was for Clarence Clemons' memoir Big Man. We had to check in a 2 PM and stick around until almost 2 AM. Since we don't have the concession, we actually didn't touch books or money. We gave the books over to a tee shirt booth and just hawk them outside. It turns out we sold about average, halfway between the lowest and highest number we were quoted as selling elsewhere, even though we had signed bookplates. It probably would have been better if we had been positioned closer to the stand.

It was more of an investment in time than anything. Folks were pretty cordial all around and I got to read my 500 page Raymond Carver biography. But no, we didn't meet Clemons of course.

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