Saturday, November 7, 2009

A New Segment--Magazine of the Week. Not that I'll do this Weekly.

Thursday is magazine day. We generally pick our magazines, but our supplier likes to throw some surprises in. We're not sure if they get paid to force circulation or what, but usually we send them right back.

So I was thinking we should highlight some of our interesting magazines, ones that might normally not be on your reading list.

This week's magazine is Sheep: The Voice of the Independent Flockmasters.

Features include:
--Got Predator Troubles? Why Didn't a Coyote Show Up?
--Shearing News
--History Sells! Re-Enactors and Period Farms Lure Wool Buyers
--The Shocking Truth: Building an Electric Fence
--News Bleat
and of course
--Sheep! Price Reports.

Who advertises in this magazine? Sheep feed, electric fences, sheep supply houses, de-worming supplies, organizations like the National Livestock Producers Association.

Sheep! Magazine is published in Medford, Wisconsin, but it's editorial office is in Trout, West Virginia. It does have a website.

And no, I can't figure out why we got it either. But it's kind of interesting.

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