Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hey, We Got an Award--and the Picture Not Professional Enough for Our Email Newsletter

So it was time for the Shepherd Express Reader's Choice Awards to be announced. I didn't go this year because I worked an event on Monday night, a signing for Joe Dungan's L. A. Nuts. Joe and I had a discussion about this book and an event when we set up the event--it was his contention that the midwest hates L. A. and would get into an L. A. bashing book. It was my feeling that the midwest ignores L. A. Interest in L. A. and Southern California travel guides train New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D. C., New Orleans, Seattle, and Boston.

Alas, I would have liked to have been wrong, but I was correct. We didn't have anyone at the event. Joe took a lot of photos so I assumed there's a blog posting somewhere, but I can't find one. I did have a very interesting conversation with his host, who teaches history at the Milwaukee High School for the Arts, and might have taken issue had we hosted a Boston bashing book. Au contraire, we know a lot of Red Sox fans and my mother lives in Brookline very happily. No bashing for us.

So anyway, our Rebecca was able to attend, but it was Lanora at Next Chapter who called us to tell us we won what we thought was "Best New Bookstore."

It turns out the next day, we won "Best Bookstore--New", which is a grammatically* superior award. But there are still a lot of things we need to do better--I'm certainly not resting on any laurel-like things. And I love my friends at Next Chapter and I'm glad they were second--I'm sure it was a very close race, and we were probably helped by the fact that more of our customers are core Shepherd Express readers than are theirs in Ozaukee County.

(Note: we know that we're really talking about semantics and not grammar, but Amie and I were not sure if "semantically" was a word. I had a very angry comment a few weeks ago because I called my posting about Barbara Ehrenreich a "press release", even though it was not only released to the press. It was so impersonal that I decided to not post it at the time, but the person of course was correct so I hereby acknowledge that I took some license with the term.)

Here's Bridgette at the Shepherd Express presenting our award.

Thanks to everyone again.

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