Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where is the Sons of Norway Fish Fry in the Milwaukee Area, and Other Questions Answered by Eric Dregni on June 28th at 2 PM.

So I'm working the desk this week and our good customer (and onetime coworker) Lynn comes in and asks me if I posted a sign about Eric Dregni's event for In Cod We Trust at the Sons of Norway Fish Fry.

"Oh, what a good idea," I replied. But really, I mostly panicked. I didn't even know where the Sons of Norway fish fry is in the Milwaukee area. I'm hoping Dregni knows and has already contacted them.

You learn so much from these smaller events. When Agate Nesaule came for In Love with Jerzy Kozinsky, much of her audience was from the area Latvian community. And the birders networked before Olivia Gentile's Life List event.

Dregni's story is one that many Norwegian-Americans will appreciate (and likely, folks of other ethnicities who have similar stories). His ancestors came over from what was one of the poorest countries in Europe to make a new life for themselves in America. Skip ahead several generations and the discovery of oil, and Norway is now one of the richest.

Dregni goes back to the old country with his wife for a year, and things come full circle when his son is born there. Dregni's got a slide show too--I believe he's bringing the projector but I'm not sure myself if I'm supposed to have a screen...

Hey, if my event doesn't work out, you can see Dregni in Mount Horeb , and visit the Mustard Museum and the Trollway at the same time. Here's his schedule.

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