Saturday, June 6, 2009

We've Changed Our Store Hours, but Just for Sundays

Up until now, we've been opening at 10 AM from Monday through Saturday, and at 11 AM on Sunday. That's an hour later than Schwartz, but without offices or a breakfast place on the box, and with the decline of newspaper sales (which, by the way, have almost no margin on them anyway), it just didn't make sense to start earlier.

Our policy was that we'd open early if someone was waiting. We often unlock the doors about 15 minutes early. As our traffic improves, we might consider moving up our opening time on Monday through Saturday. But there is one day, Sunday, that we almost have a line of people. That's Sunday morning. It's a bigger newspaper, yes, but we also have two restaurants a block away (Cafe Hollander and the Original Pancake House) with brunch business. And of course it's a busy day for the Starbucks as well.

As it is, we've been unofficially opening the store at 10:30 anyway. But as of this week, our Sunday hours are 10-6 and we will actually have staff in the store to be ready for you. Note: we didn't start on May 31st because I am covering for Jason and Amie, who are both at Book Expo America, and I just couldn't emotionally handle the extra hour.

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Higgy said...

Thank you for selling those newspapers.