Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey, We Have a Sign!

And it's permanent too. I'm happy with it--it so looks like the mock up that I sometimes have a hard time believing that the photo here is of the actual sign and not the proposal. A couple of the letters are slightly askew, just like us. The white is a nice contrast to the brick. It's so bright that we didn't have to pay a lot more to have the sign illuminated--oh and the street lamp helps too.

Thanks to Barb and the gang at DTS Images.

Someday I hope to save up for something that sticks out like our old dark green sign with Boswell, but I'm hoping for something more creative. We aren't there yet. Once we are, we run it by the building and Milwaukee's Department of City Development.

Check off another thing on my to-do list. There are only about 1000 more things left, but of course money keeps some of them in the special "someday" file.

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