Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buyers' Big Idea on Returning from Book Expo--We Need a Craft Doughnut Shop on Downer Avenue

Yes, we also saved money at BEA this year. For the last few years, we have stayed at Hotel ABA, a bookseller enclave with a good rate, galley dropoffs, and nightly receptions. It was also generally where the day of education was held.

It's usually a little out of the way--I've yet to stay at Hotel ABA when it was walking distance from the show, at least for most people. Jason and I once walked from the Brooklyn Mariott to the show, stopping at the bakery Tisserie in Union Square for breakfast, which I heard has moved--the Union Square space is being leased to Pret a Manger, that UK sandwich shop (that was or maybe is still owned by McDonald's, I can't remember).

I bring up Tisserie, because really, the most memorable moment of my show usually involves discovering a new sweet shop. Last year I believe our whole "explore bookstores of L.A." day really revolved around stopping at Sprinkles and buying a half dozen cupcakes to sample. I'm still thinking about the ginger one.

So how does this tie together and why is it on my Boswell blog?

1. Jason and Amie stayed at a family place in the Lower East Side of New York, so I could keep to a smaller budget. I'm not going to describe the complicated status of the apartment at the moment, but I would like to give a big thanks to Claudia, Les, Ellen, and Richie for helping to make it happen. The book-lovers of MKE are grateful.

2. It was a block from Doughnut Plant, which was absolutely amazing. I wouldn't know, because all I've got are the visuals from this web site. The web site, by the way, demands a little too much in waiting for the pages to load. I've been warned about designers being too clever, and I think this is an example. The rolling doughnut (or for lay folk, donut) takes too long. And you can't link someone to a particular page, say, the menu.

3. We have a lot of empty spaces on Downer Avenue, and Jason and Amie thought, "Wouldn't a craft doughnut shop be a great idea?" We've still never had a cupcake specialty place in town, but that idea may be cresting--perhaps jump on the next big trend. We're actually not picky, just be sweet, as we already have a wonderful savory bakery in Breadsmith. Oh, and we're also requesting that your food be delicious. We don't want to waste your money with a half-baked idea.

Note: Downer historians will remember the days of Brewster's and their tall cakes. They would be great the first day, but they kept them for several days, and if you got stuck with an older piece, well, it wasn't really worth eating. If I had a little more attitude in those days, I would have said, "Give me a slice of something fresh" but I couldn't seem to get the words out of my mouth most times.

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Michael C. said...

Sheesh! You know I'm still bitter about missing the Sprinkles experience, and you have to go and remind me about it. See you tomorrow!