Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What is Going on with Your Web Site, for Gosh Sakes?

It's been over two months that we've been open. Some things are in place and some aren't.

One thing that's noticeable to the net savvy is that our web site is not yet functioning. I reassure myself that new bookstores need to come up to speed with things immediately that took existing bookstores years and years to get up and running.

There's no excuse. We have a deadline of sorts, because we promised MIAD they'd have a page of titles for their course books for the fall semester.

We hired Greg, an ex-Schwartz bookseller from Shorewood, with some programming knowledge. He's going to be working with Jason and myself on getting this thing up and running. The site is through the American Booksellers Associations ecommerce solutions program, and it's part of their new reboot. (Now powered by Drupal! Many breakthroughs!)

Greg is also going to be helping with our Facebook page and our bookseller blog (The Boswellians), after Sarah leaves Wisconsin for...Oklahoma.

The great news is that he's taken to it--insert duck and water simile here. We've got pages of staff recs, events, directions and more. When we go live, it will certainly be more than I expected.
Now he just needs the photos and a letter or something for our opening page. And of course, we all need to brace ourselves for all that can and will go wrong. Work in progress, work in progress...

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