Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some Photos--Magnus at Boswell Ian Rankin Featured in the Window.

On Monday evening, Elaine Schmidt and I joked about how we made sure the weather cooperated for her event for The Travelers: Present in the Past. A snowstorm sort of dampened enthusiasm for our last event, and I can say that there were seven times as many people for the new launch.

We also had a nice turnout for Magnus Flyte and City of Dark Magic. Pictured in the photo are Magnus's executors, Meg Howrey and Christina Lynch, plus Meg's parents who came from Indianapolis, and two folks who drove up from Chicago, Chris's stepmom's friend, and our sales rep Brian.Once again, we must thank the weather, though I think Meg's parents would have drove here in a storm.

We've spent the last week updating displays. A small display of snake books for Chinese New Year went up, and Stacie worked on a disturbingly lovely window for Ian Rankin, who is coming to Boswell on Friday, February 1, 7 pm, for Standing in Another Man's Grave. John Rebus returns to investigate the deaths of three women along the same stretch of road over ten years.

Next up? It's time to gather the books for our NBCC finalist display. I made the signs yesterday, and we only spotted about five errors. And today the Edgar's were nominated and the Jewish Book Awards were announced. It's like the book industry is getting into the Hollywood award season groove.

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