Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Short Post--New Shelving Carts!

It's been two years since we got our melon (that's a softer version of orange, for those of you who who don't like subtle color shadings) shelving cart. But two years of sidewalk markdowns have taken their toll and we had carts on their last legs. It was time to buy new carts.

Why is this exciting? Because we always buy six-shelf carts. I'm not sure why we tended toward flat bottom carts at Schwartz--the six shelf carts are almost the same price, and to our taste, six shelves are much handier than four plus a flat surface.

But of course the most exciting thing is that library carts (or sloping booktrucks, as they call them) now come in so many colors. I counted 19 different shades on the Demco website. Prior to this, it was all standard black. After a lot of soul searching, I settled on burgundy and mocha. As much as I like many of the bright colors (and I am pretty much obsessed with apple green, for some reason), they just didn't seem right for the store. But if I ever open a gardening or tween girls clothing store, I'm going for apple green and purple. Though of course in that case I'd get flat shelves.

I'm hoping that by the next time a cart breaks, there's something along the lines of olive green. But if they don't listen to my advice, I have my eye on the cerulean blue.

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Thomas Maloney said...

Those are some really refreshing colors for a storage shelf cart. I agree that we usually find the ever so common black in libraries and book stores. So, to have them in such bright and lively colors makes books look more attractive and exciting. Hope to see more of these refreshing storage carts and perhaps the flat surface too (you can stack magazines and newspapers on them).