Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Gift Post--Thumb Puppet Dinos, Whale Cards, Flipping Dogs

With a short staff today (we had just two openers and two closers, plus one person in a swing shift), I wasn't able to get too much done today, teamed with yesterday's shift at the Women Leaders conference. But I was able to receive some new gift items that were delivered this week. Our writer/philosopher plush rack is finally full, and that shipment also included our drinking writers shot glasses, which sold a bit quicker than I expected. A bit slower than expected came our Herman Melville finger puppets.

They were not just later than the finger puppet rack, but I actually had dreams for a Moby Dick/whale table display last fall, what with The Art of Fielding (which has a Moby Dick subplot), Moby Dick in Pictures, and Why Read Moby Dick all being released in the same season. Six months later, I not only got my Melville puppet, but an assortment of whale boxed cards and thank you notes. I am nothing if not timely!

Another shipment came in that left us back in stock with bending robots. There wasn't too much new from this vendor on my wish list--they still haven't increased the assortment of Squeek-a-boos they are importing from Great Britain. How mean to show a picture of the penguin in the display and then not stock it! But they did pick up a dinosaur thumb puppet that should sell thorugh pretty well.

With Easter only a week away, our holiday-themed stuff is selling quickly. We're down to one each of our mini rabbit plush and flip-over bunnies. The porcelain bunnies are also selling at a fast clip. So with no more bunnies to flip, it seemed time to put out our flip-over dogs. And yes, the video is sort of slanty sideways, but that just gives it a classic Batman quality. However the camera is tilted, the new dogs flip flip rather nicely.

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