Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Letters, We Get Letters! A Last-Minute Pitch for Kevin Fox at County Clare Tonight (3/14/12, 7 pm)

I'm off to County Clare (1234 N Astor Street) for a little grub before our event with Kevin Fox. Stacie just forwarded me this very enthusiastic note from Jennifer, County Clare's event coordinator, and I absolutely had to share it.

"When County Clare was asked to host the reading of Mr. Fox's new book, Until the Next Time,  I was pretty excited. As I began to read his biography and the description of the story, I was elated! Lie to Me is the only show on television I watch, and the new book sounded so intriguing, I could not wait to read it.

"The Irish culture is so woven with ancient literature and mystical memories that I am always yearning to learn more. Mr. Fox portrayed the Irish people, their tumultuous history, and their love so well, I felt I was back there again. I was also pleasantly surprised when I began to read, that the author wove in an ancient spiritual belief into the theme as well. But just as he did for the main characters, he slowly prepares the reader for this, so if it isn't something you believe in, you are still able to relate for the intention of the novel.

"Mr. Fox was also able to keep the reader engaged by offering a glimpse of relative reality through the words of the main characters in alternating chapters. Overall, I haven't read a book like this in a long time. I couldn't put it down, and can't wait to read his next book!"

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