Thursday, March 15, 2012

Event Recaps--Doreen Cronin, Kevin Fox, Peter Lerangis

Our current game of "Where in Milwaukee is Daniel Sandiego?" is almost at an end. After a week of running around to conferences and offsite events, we close out tomorrow morning with a school visit for The Magic Treehouse bus tour. I got a call from Pam this evening, saying she thought she could take care of it herself. I am quite grateful!

Today was a particularly bustly day. I started with Pam at Richards Elementary School in Whitefish Bay, where Pam and I helped with their Doreen Cronin event. Cronin is touring for The Legend of Diamond Lil, her chapter book follow-up to The Trouble with Chickens, but kids also love to talk about her beloved series of picture books.  I learned that the "Diary of" trilogy is complete with Fly, Worm, and Spider,.  Here's a picture of Cronin posing in front of Ms. Roberts's wonderful library window.

Pam headed over to Maryland Avenue Montessori School, while I spent the afternoon with some old friends from Elm Grove, giving a book club presentation. Many of the women were regulars at the old Schwartz in Brookfield. Every year they ask if I might consider a western outpost, but alas, I've got my hands full with the eastern one. But we always have a lot of fun, and I got some help by our old friend Jane, a dear FOB who helped me out on such favorites as The All of It, and new favorites such as The Flight of Gemma Hardy.  And since I was on that side of town, I stayed west for our evening event at the Franklin Public Library, stopping on the way to get potstickers at the West Allis Fortune Chinese Restaurant. The expansion is complete, by the way, and it looks great.

Yesterday we spent the eveing at County Clare with Kevin Fox, author of Until the Next Time. As I noted on yesterday's blog, Jennifer who does the events at CC was quite taken with the book, and there were several other big fans of the now-departed show "Lie to Me" too. We didn't just learn about Irish history, culture, and even spirituality, we learned that a series on the bubble is more likely to be renewed if the budget is met and the cast and crew are well behaved.  Who knew? 

And I never got back to you about Peter Lerangis, author of three and a quarter of the 39 Clues books and many others besides. We had some great school events and then I headed over to the Bay View Library. Fran the kids' librarian did a great job, and I met the kids' librarian from Zablocki too. We had a full house of 50 kids, and I've been able to get the word out about our other upcoming kids events:
--Monday, March 26, 7 pm: Brandon Mull at Boswell
--Thursday, April 12, 7 pm--Trenton Lee Stewart at Boswell
--Tuesday, April 17, 7 pm--Kate DiCamillo at Centennial Hall
--Thursday, April 19, 6:30 pm--Herman Parish at Greenfield Public Library
--Monday, April 30, 6:30 pm--Michael Buckly at Shorewood Public Library.

Best of all, the event was only blocks from my house. Finally a quick commute.

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