Saturday, March 6, 2010

Really. A Post on the Plexy Signholders I Just Bought

It started as a joke post, because I felt I'd done way to many intesnse, interviewy-type pieces, but we really did buy a bunch more plexy signholders, and it's actually worth noting.

When I opened the store, I added to our store with six 8x11, two 11x8, and two 11x17 plexy holders. I like signage on tables, and I like things that take a little bit of extra time to read, history or trivia or local interest, or a poem. I don't make all the signs in the store, but if I can say one thing to my other booksellers, it's to go slightly crazier when coming up with a sign idea.

I'm convinced our customers don't follow the regular consumer research. I use the model of the book Mavericks at Work, or so I think, as it's been several years since I've read the book. If I'm going to break the rules of business, I'd rather do so in an interesting way. And one of the ways I like to do them is by giving my customers the benefit of the doubt by saying something more than "Remember your mom on Mother's Day."

Let me just say I don't quite have everybody I work with on board with this. But that's ok too. Some straightforward signs will ground customers from thinking a crazy person is running things (maybe).

So with our extra tables and our obsessive sign making (we also affix signs to the walls when necessary, using plexy and that removable double-sided sticky stuff from 3M, we found we quickly ran out of signs. I got ten more. We've also taken to these little 4x6 plexys that perfectly highlight a gift item, or perhaps display a small news column (like The Onion's amusing Salinger obit, which was put on his memorial table). So we got a bunch more of them. Had I known about them, I wouldn't have spent so much time at Schwartz making do-it-yourself tent cards!

No picture, because they were copyright protected. So you can figure out how to find the site to buy some on your own.


Since Jason watched it at least twice, I'd be remiss if I didn't lead you to the Huffington Post's link to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Beware, as it's too gruesome for me to watch myself.

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