Monday, March 22, 2010

Blatant Use of Blogging to Promote Christopher Moore's Event on Wednesday, March 31st.

I can't believe that Christopher Moore's Bite Me goes on sale tomorrow, but I've checked the laydown schedule and now I'm convinced.

It's very exciting to be hosting Christopher Moore on March 31st, at 7 PM. We thought about ticketing, but in the end, this is the kind of event that deserves a mob scene. So no tickets, no book purchase required. If we hit capacity, we close the doors. So I'm suggesting you come early.

I think 3/4 of us read the new book Bite Me, which might be an all-time record for in-house reads. Not that records have been kept for very long; we only opened last April. Bite Me is the third book in Moore's bloodsucking trilogy, continuing the adventures of vampires Jody and Tommy, imprisoned in a bronze statue but very likely to escape. The first two books in the series are Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck.

Fool is also just released in paperback, and one Moore-itanian told me that it was his favorite book after Lamb. I think it's important to know that he might have been able to tell me his seventh favorite Christopher Moore novel. Fool retells King Lear through the eyes of the court jester. It's just out in paper (note to Morrow--I remembered to mention it this time).

We're also trying something a bit different, by placing an ad in the Madison edition of the Onion. I don't remember if Schwartz ever targeted our capital to the west. It strikes me that a fan would probably drive an hour, don't you think? I figured out the numbers, and we'd probably have to sell 25 extra books to make it worthwhile. Who knows?

Morrow sent us tee shirts that Moore will be giving away to fans during the event (more attendance incentive). There may be quizzes involved. Here is the obscure model Ludmilla Schleigorisma modeling it for our online blog readers.

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Rebecca said...

I seem to remember there being another obscure East European model there that day.