Friday, March 26, 2010

Boulevard Preview Tomorrow at 2 PM for "It's Your Mother"

We're thrilled to be hosting a preview of "It's Your Mother", the new production from the Boulevard Theatre. It's tomorrow (Saturday) at 2, and there will be light refreshments.

Alas, I gaffed and had the time wrong in one of our press releases, so it's listed in the print version of the Journal Sentinel at 7 PM. Why not link to it and make it even more stressful on myself? OK, I will.

The folks at the Journal-Sentinel will change it online so by the time you link, it may already be correct. My big thanks to them for the listing and responding quickly to something that fault.

I don't have a jpg of this image but I do love the graphics on the play so much that I took I picture of the sign in our vestibule. Enjoy!

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