Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Come to Our Book Club Night and Get Some Ideas, Wednesday, March 24th, 7 PM

For a number of years, I have been working with a longstanding book club on the North Shore (the members live from just north of downtown to Mequon), helping them pick their selections for the coming year. I always get a bit panicky when the selections are chosen, but in the end, I usually hear good things about how the discussions went.

Since Boswell opened, I've been asked to do a few more, some in the store and some at people's homes. I request that we be able to sell books at the presentation, and there is a charge for ones that are outside the store.

At the same time, I hear from many clubs that they get stuck on choosing books. The books are too easy, or too hard. There's too little to talk about. Members aren't finishing the books. Not every book works for every club.

So here's my idea. Come to my book club presentation, open to the public. It's on Wednesday, March 24th at 7 PM. I'm doing the presentation with Valerie Laken, whose new book, Dream House, has just come out in paperback, and is one of my book club picks for spring.

I'm hoping to have a nice hand-out brochure that we'll have available for the presentation, and also afterwards.

Read more about Dream House tomorrow.

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