Friday, January 8, 2010

Verghese Speaks, Lake Forest Bookstore Feeds, Daniel Digresses off Topic

More to say on the paperback of Abraham Verghese's Cutting for Stone, which comes out in paperback on January 26th. Here's the original post. See the bottom of this post for a wonderful lunch that my friend Sue is putting together in Lake Forest, Illinois, for Mr. Verghese and the book's paperback publication.

Mr. Verghese was in Milwaukee several years ago to speak at the founding of a new Center for the Study of Bioethics at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He has a few friends here, and one of them forwarded to him my ponderings.

We had a little back and forth about my comment "The book had enough momentum not to need me." He assured me the book does need the help of hand-selling booksellers: "It is a curious, word of mouth sort of book, not exactly flying off the racks but doing a good steady business which has been very gratifying. I have great hopes that the momentum will carry on in paperback." Then we had a little chat about which bookstore in his area sold his book by the hundreds and which could not identify it when he dropped by, despite saying he was the author. I'm not naming names!

Here's the information on Lake Forest Bookstore's author luncheon with Abraham Verghese:

DATE: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
TIME: 11:30 AM
LOCATION: Lovell's of Lake Forest
915 S. Waukegan Road

Luncheon $39.00
To make a reservation please call

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