Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reallocate Your Boswell Benefits Coupon Towards Paul Farmer's Partners in Health

A note about Haiti. What should the store be doing? Some friends of mine at other bookstores sell annual memberships (an enhanced Boswell Benefits program, of sorts) and are donating the proceeds for the month to relief efforts.

We don't sell memberships, but we do have an option. You know those five dollar coupons you receive for each hundred dollars you spend at our store? For a limited time, you can allocate your active coupon (less than two months old) to Partners in Health, and we will donate that money to the Stand with Haiti campaign.

Partners in Health is connected to Paul Farmer, the inspirational figure profiled in Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains. The organization helps provide health care to the poor, and Haiti has been one of the main focus of their efforts. It's a much-lauded organization with an infrastructure in place to help.

No surprise, there's been increased interest in the book since Haiti's devastating earthquake. Here's the NPR story from when the book first came out.

We should have this up and running by tomorrow.


Closer to home, any ex-Milwaukeeans may have heard that there has been a bad fire on Oakland and North, and the business from Pizza Man east to the church have been destroyed. More in the Journal Sentinel. Here's another piece in On Milwaukee.com.

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