Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boswell Abroad! Anthony Bourdain Appearing at the Riverside this Friday, January 22nd

Our friend John at Bartolotta restaurants came in this week looking for some Anthony Bourdain books. They're doing a VIP event at the Riverside Theater for Mr. Bourdain's upcoming show on Friday, January 22nd. (Sorry, I think the VIP portion is sold out).

He said, "How many books are you bringing?" and I answered, "None, we're not doing the event." His reply, "According to my email, you are." Oops. I could do a better job of following up on these things. But the story has a happy ending.

And so we are selling the books at the Riverside. Very swell. I attended Mr. Bourdain's event at Schwartz for Kitchen Confidential and it was truly entertaining. And packed with fans.

I'm proud to say we're up for just about anything, and we're grateful to have another opportunity to sell books at the Riverside--Stacie sold books for Lisa Lampinelli's Chocolate Please tour in December. And yes, we'll have all the books in on time.

We'll have Kitchen Confidential (in both cloth and paper), The Nasty Bits, A Cook's Tour, the Les Halles Cookbook, and even the mysteries. What won't we have? Well, Mr. Bourdain's publisher is releasing Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook in June.

I was talking to my sister Merrill, who was excited at the prospect of a Bourdain event. "I wish I could come to Milwaukee to see Bourdain," she exclaimed. "He's got the only food show left that I like, even though it's more of a travel show. He also understands the difference between new New York and old New York. Old New York was for artists; new New York is for the moneyed. So what if it's more dangerous." This went on for a while. I totally agreed, though I have to say that I was more afraid of getting mugged in old New York.

It's this Friday. Buy tickets on the Riverside site.

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