Friday, October 9, 2009

Sock Monkeys!

It's not often that I see someone handselling bookmarks. But when we sold out of our Te Neues Sock Monkey bookmark pack (we're selling 12 coated paper bookmarks for $6.95) in a week, I asked what's happening.

Oh, that's Amie. A little observation indicated that Amie indeed liked a good sock monkey. She liked our sock monkey cards from Hello Lucky and the sock-monkeyish design on our Streamline merchandise (we sold out of the tape measure and mini-clock, but we currently have a full-sized alarm clock and a couple of seat cushions!). So why not order in some actual sock monkeys et al and call it a table?

There's also a nice book from Te Neues (pictured).

If you're too lazy to surf the net, the modern Sock Monkey was created by Nelson Knitting Mills of Rockford. It's a Swedish thing, I guess. The mill was eventually bought out but it's successor still makes them--ours, alas, are knockoffs.

We've also got a few other choice tidbits--a monkey jack in the box, monkey bowling, Paul Frank stickynotes, and we've also temporarily relocated our Bananagrams. It turned out there are also some nice sock monkey (note that I decided to only capitalize the traditional sock monkey from Rockford--I don't know if that is correct) kids' books. They are coming in shortly.
One thing of note on the gift items. People keep asking me if I will have this or that item through Christmas. Sadly, it's not like books. Each vendor has a reorder minimum, and we often cannot reach that in short order. When we run out, a lot of things go away. That said, those little coin purses we bought (some had birds on them, others robots) went so quickly that we were able to reorder.

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