Saturday, October 10, 2009

Robot Window!

Did I mention how when I was in fifth grade, my teacher Mrs. Rosenberg cast me in Karel Capek's play "RUR (Rossum's Universal Robots)"? Did I mention I flubbed my lines, destroying the promise of my Greek bystander in "Iphigenia at Aulis"?

Since then, robots have apparently become rooted in a dark place of my soul...or maybe they're just hot this year. I for one think of technology as being very scary, and cuting it up definitely helps. That's why I don't like high tech accessories, but I did bring in a mouse-shaped USB hub and we all said "Awwww."

The robot thing is probably at its peak for me, though I did skip the robot holiday ornaments I spotted at a gift show (still have regrets, particularly since they also had sock monkey ornments).
We got in some robot building toys, and some new robot cards, journals, and coin purses. Time for a window. The message, if you can't read it, is "We are your friends. Assorted robots."

Add to that some robot plush, robot folders and desk accessories, our robot bending toys and even a robot puppet, and voila--a pretty good display.

Alas, with the sidewalk construction, who is actually seeing it? And why pay to have the window cleaned before the construction is finished. Hence, it's a bit blurry.

And since I am loathe to not include books in my displays, this is also celebration of Jon Scieszka and David Shannon's new Robot Zot, the quest for one robot to rescue a princess (cell phone) from the hands of enemies (kitchen appliances).

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Rebecca said...

Why do the kitchen appliances always get a bad rap?