Friday, October 30, 2009

The Psychology of Parking on Downer Avenue

I've been thinking a lot about the construction on Downer Avenue and how it affects traffic. Here are the things I've learned already about most folks when they park instinctually:

1. They wait till they get to the store, and look for a place to park.

2. They prefer being on the main block, even if that means a meter.

3. They are not thrilled with the construction, even though it is almost over.

Here's my advice:

1. In the evening, think south and east, not north and west, unless you want to use the parking garage across the street.

2. In the daytime, west if fine, because the spaces are limited to 2-3 hour parking, to limit students at UWM.

3. Parking checkers are vigilant in Downer Avenue neighbhorhood. If it says don't park in a spot, don't. If it says 2 hour limit, don't stay for 3.
To the right is our new brick design in front of the store. Unlike the last, which were 1/3 width pavers that popped up easily, these are full size bricks that should last a long time.
Speaking the Downer area, Peter McCarthy was in, dropping off more copies of North Point Historic Districts. The book is a must-have for anyone who lives in the area or likes visiting.

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