Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Gift Post--New Bath Toys, Finger Puppets, and a Journal Divider.

I haven't received much this week. We are still putting out new items from our Toysmith order. Our bath toys from Battat are selling pretty well:

This week we received a new divider for our Paperblank journals. It seems like we never have enough space for the micro sized journals, but always have plenty of space for grande. Here is what the new divider looks like. Plexy doesn't photograph well, alas.
And here's an assortment of the micro journals we have in stock. It is the one size they make where there are more unlined than lined assortments.

Our literary taxidermy display was looking mighty thin, so it's a good thing we got a reorder from Unemployed Philosophers Guild. We did not pick up any new plush, but I did bring in a few finger puppets we hadn't before seen. Here's Georgia O'Keeffe posing with her work in The Art Book.
And Thomas Jefferson is simply giddy over his latest domination of the bestseller lists with the new biography Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.
On the other hand, Sappho is a little irritated that we were out of her Collected Poems. Sorry, Sapph, you don't turn* that well, and that sometimes makes us remiss on the reordering. But don't worry, I brought you back in stock. Here she is complaining to Jefferson. As if he'd care...
I'm off to gift show in Chicago tomorrow. I can't decide what we actually need, but if I find a category like our leather banks or wooden boxes, I'll be very happy. I'm thinking of moving bookends to a smaller place (they really only sell at Christmas) and turning that area into a place for assorted mugs. It does worry me as folks are pretty clumsy with a mugs and dishes, and things do break, but as always, we hope for the best.

*That's bookseller talk!

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