Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ebook Fulfillment Change, Construction Project Starts, Dave Eggers Now Signs at 2 pm on Sunday.

I'm working on our next email newsletter, which will have a few important things to let folks know about, in addition to our upcoming events.

1. Our ebook program is switching from Google to Kobo on February 1st. If you've bought from us before, you'll still be able to access your existing books on a Google account. To buy new ebooks from us, you'll use the Kobo page on our website. A lot of booksellers already transitioned before the holidays, but I...put it off. And yes, we'll be selling some devices. I'm just not sure yet where we're going to put them.

2. Construction will be starting soon, as we are giving up a few hundred square feet of space to Starbucks. It's that area where the biographies and the art wall is. We will still have a door accessible to the coffee shop and the bathroom, which., by the way, is shared. They are expecting the project to take six weeks. We still do not know whether Starbucks will be closed for the duration, or if there might be a take out window. All I know now is that I have to make sure our carpenters and electrician remove the bookcases, wall fixtures, security equipment, and lights.

3. You might have spotted the change already, but I wanted to call your attention to a change of time for our Dave Eggers signing on Sunday. He's now going to start signing at 2 pm on Sunday, February 3rd, instead of the later, previously-announced time. Hope this makes it even easier for you to attend!

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