Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rats. We Took Out the Lights in the Old Biography Section and Now It's Really Dark.

The email newsletter went out this morning. (We'll have the link up and running as soon as Constant Contact can help me). When that happens, I seem to feel I have the right to coast for the rest of the day.

By the time it went out, Amie had been at Boswell for hours. She came in early so that our electrician could remove the light fixtures in the biography section.

And now the biography area is dark. Very dark.

Not to keep too idle, it's time to make sure all our March events are booked before our press release goes out. Once you get in booking mode, it's hard to get out, and so I wound up booking four events today. One was a new translation of Antigone by UWM prof David Mulroy (March 7), one was a first novel by Madisonian Dale Kushner, coming out from Grand Central (May 16), one was a journalistic look at schools in New Orleans post Katrina from ex Milwaukean Sarah Carr (March 19), and the last was a new book of photographs of a cross-country trip where Dale Humphreys took photos of his dog Maddie standing on things. It's called, surprisingly enough, Maddie on Things. We already have several booksellers following his blog. That event is not until July 23.

I don't consider that paragraph an event announcement. I'm just making sense of where my day went. And my month. Say goodbye to January.

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