Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Displays, New Events, Our First Visit to Great Lakes Distillery.

Every day is special when you're a bookseller. But what set today apart from other days.

1. I made up a sign for the National Book Critics Circle Award finalist, but we were too short of people to put the display together, despite the room opening up when we consolidated our calendars to a smaller table (which are now 50% off). Jason ordered what we didn't have, and Anne put the display together today. 

2. Stacie and I visited Great Lakes Distillery for an information meeting. We had been chatting with Algonquin Books and Amy Stewart about having a special event for her upcoming book (already winning praise from Boswellian Halley) The Drunken Botanist. It's a cool place, just across from Conejitos. It turns out they'd heard Stewart speak and were as excited as we were. The event is set for Wednesday, April 10, 7 pm.

I just didn't expect things to go as easy as they did I'm very excited about this event.

3. About mid-afternoon, the phone rang. It was our PGW rep, asking if we were free for a signing with Dave Eggers. I laughed and said, "Tomorrow, right?" It turned out out to be about two weeks from now, February 3, 3 pm. It's for A Hologram for the King, of course. We said yes, by the way. Details to come.

I always knew that if we ever got Eggers, it would likely be with very little notice. At least it's two and a half hours before game time. Yes, it's the day of the Super Bowl.

4. I also confirmed an event at the Lynden Sculpture Garden for April 3. It's for Jessica Hagy, who blogs on Her new book is How to Be Interesting (in Ten Simple Steps). We're hoping to do a more business oriented event the next morning, but it's not set up yet.

5. We did book an event with Anne Lamott. It will be just like last time, ticketed with a copy of her new paperback, Some Assembly Required, only this time it will be at Boswell. It's Saturday evening, April 6, 7 pm. Tickets will go on sale by March 1, maybe earlier. You make know Lamott from a little book called Help Thanks Wow, which is flying off the shelves.

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