Friday, December 30, 2011

A Newsletter Goes Out, The Holiday Hours are Announced, We do a Lot of Year-end Cleanup.

Sometimes it feels like my job is just writing the email newsletter. We sent another one out today, and while it was premature to let folks know about January events, it's never too early to mark your calendar.

However, the big news was reminding folks that we have special hours for the weekend. The bad news is that we are closed for three evenings in a row, due to the way the holiday falls. The good news is that we are open on New Year's Day.  Our hours are:

Saturday: 10 to 5
Sunday: 11 to 5
Monday: 10 to 6

We were originally going to do regular hours on Monday, but with all the football and parades and such, plus the realization that most folks would see this as their Sunday, the odds of us having much business were slim. And on top of that, we needed a time to do a physical inventory.

This knocked our in-store lit group book club to January 9, 7 pm. I've let most folks who are regulars know. Three folks have let me know that they are absolutely loving the new selection, How to Read the Air, by Dinaw Mengestu. And one of our attendees who commutes from Indianapolis probably wouldn't have been able to attend. Another regular mentioned she wouldn't be able to finish the book by the 2nd. But on the other hand, we do share a regular with the in-store sci fi club (they are also meeting 1/9 at 7 pm to discuss Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower) and that gives her a difficult choice. I'm speculating she'll go with the speculators, but she might spend time with each of us.

Otherwise, the day was pretty busy, cleaning up end-of-year details. I put up for payment a number of consignments, and tallied the totals for several fundraiser programs. We sent checks to folks from various shopping nights and tallied the payments for our recent writing class. And yes, we got everything back in order from the Fill the Shelves program at Katie Gingrass. Over 50 books were donated by you. Thanks!

Speaking of donations, we also sent over $700 to Tom Farmer's Partners in Health program. I'm sure they could use the money.

That seems like a lot, but there's plenty more to do. See you tomorrow.

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Michael C. said...

Parable of the Sower. One of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. Happy New Year!