Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Addendum to the Employee Manual...and Out Go the Holiday Newsletters.

Per my conversation with Sharon, booksellers are asked not to do the dirty turtle while on the sales floor.


On a more serious note, 3400 newsletters were mailed out by Stacie and myself yesterday at the downtown bulk mail depot. It's really just the back end of the main post office, but you have to go about five blocks out of your way, cross some train tracks, and maneuver under freeway bridges. As I think Anne mentioned, it's the kind of place where you expect to see a dead body.

We were pretty hard on ourselves for not getting them out earlier, which has apparently now become a tradition. It turns out that we mailed them on the same date in 2010, and only three days later than 2009.

This also explains why I am so particularly behind on my email replies.

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StacieMichelle said...

WHAT on EARTH is the "dirty turtle?" How am I supposed to know what NOT to do if I don't know what it is?