Friday, December 9, 2011

Email Newsletter Out, NPR Appearance is Exciting, Interviews are Being Done.

1. I'm pleased to note that Boswell was once again featured on Susan Stamberg's seasonal bookseller roundup on NPR's Morning Edition. You can listen to the piece on the NPR site, as well as seeing my six other picks. Readers of the blog will not be shocked by my suggestions. I love Priscilla Nielsen's illustration at right--hope it's ok to use to promote the page.

2. An email newsletter went out today, being that we have several more events coming up in the next week. Of course it would have made sense to include lots and lots of book suggestions, but if you want those, you can check out our holiday gift guide.

3. And finally, you should see some new Boswell faces popping up in the next few weeks. Yes, we're hiring to fill Carl's shift, as well as half of Jocelyn's. I've already seen several great people, and I've got several more to go during the weekend.

4. Since this blog post is already penguin themed, we just received our penguin stacker toy from Melissa and Doug, at left. Pretty cute, huh?

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