Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Gift Post--Christmas Stuff, Part One

The verdict is in--I don't know what our sell through will be like, but everyone at the store is very happy with our ornament selection. We found several nice new vendors, and picked up some great little things from our old favorites. We even sold out of our first ornament--a resin pheasant. We also bought the pheasant in a larger size as table decor, but 4 of the 6 came damaged and the other two sold out within a couple days of putting them out.
The new tree with the brush animal ornaments went up today. Here is a picture of the fox and one of the dogs.
Several of our ornaments come in sets.  These ceramic elves and snowmen share an artist, and snowman also doubles as a mug.
These felt ornaments all have a jolliness about them, whether they are Santa, snowman, or penguin. They are made out of felt.
And these feathered balls or deceptively light, as I think they have a styrofoam ball inside. We are also selling matching feathered trees.

More in another post.  We've got plenty more stuff for the holidays.


john eklund said...

Not many people who know me would believe it but when I was 12 I was president of my Junior Achievement company. We sold stock in it to family members and suckers to teach us about how great the free market system was. But our actual product was styrofoam snowmen. We bought the balls in bulk and then dressed them up. We sold a ton of them. And they looked remarkably like some of your new offerings.

Annie Hemi said...

Please le me know how to make these or buy them. Annie Heminger. On pinterest. Thank you!