Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Much is That Doggie in the Curio Case?

Our friend Lynn has graciously put her awesome collection of Boston terriers on display in our curio case. I was hoping she'd write a little description of it, but alas, she's got writer's block. Instead, all we have is a woof.

We've had a great collection of dog events this fall, and we've got one more to share. On Friday, December 2, Barbara Joosse will be appearing for Dog Parade, her charming picture book about some dogs in costumes.

After our talk/storytime, we've got a special treat. It's Festive Friday, and that means our annual dog costume that goes on near Cafe Hollander. We're excited that Barbara Joosse will be the guest judge at the festivity.

Joosse's got more than a new book.  She's also written lyrics to a new album for kids. We'll soon have copies for sale and we'll be playing it during kid-friendly times, and certainly on Festive Friday.  More on her website.

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